process overview diagram vertprocess overview diagram

Interpret the Project: Our Relationship with You

We match your specific strategic, design, budget and time needs with our services, providing a project plan customized to your goals.

Interpret Project
  • Project Immersion / Understanding
  • Detailed Needs Assessment
  • Project Planning to Achieve Goals
  • Preliminary Design Brief

Outcome: Formalize the Scope of Work.

Opportunity Space: The Context

We answer WHY a design needs to be created. We uncover new opportunities, define relevant problems and goals from a business & user perspective.

Opportunity Space
  • Design Strategy / Business Case Workshops
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Visual Branding
  • Experience Mapping and Storyboarding
  • Design Thinking Exercises

Outcome: Formalize the Design Brief with high-quality inputs.

Innovation Space: Design, Prototype, Test

We generate ideas, creating representations to determine HOW to solve the problem. We study and then modify into formalized concepts, evaluating them to technology, usability and the overall business goal.

innovation Space

    Industrial Design and Engineering:

  • Concept Generation
  • Renderings, Models
  • User Studies
  • Initial CAD and Engineering Options
  • Evaluate Manufacturing Cost / Process

    Interaction Design:

  • Use Cases / Information Hierarchy
  • Use Flows and Wireframes
  • Clickable Prototypes for User Studies
  • Visual Comps
  • Evaluate Development Needs / Process

Outcome: Selection of a single design direction.

Implementation Space: Engineer, Code, Build

We implement WHAT has been defined as the optimal solution to the problem. We carry design through to production-ready detail, ensuring that the design intent is fully realized in the market.

implementation space

    Hardware Engineering

  • Engineering Detailing for Prototype / Production
  • Prototype Builds
  • Testing and Final Specifications
  • Tooling Cost Estimation and Quotations
  • Production CAD and Production Drawing Package

    Software Development

  • Programming of the Interface / Interaction Design
  • User Testing, Debugging and Modifications
  • Integration with APIs / Release of Production Code
  • Visual Brand Style Guide

Outcome: Transfer to manufacturing and release to market.

Client Support: Production, Documentation, Liaison

We provide support through the design process, regulation, production and market launch.

development support
  • Manufacturer Liaison and Procurement
  • Developer Liaison and Launch Support
  • Project Management and Planning
  • Documentation / Transfer of Design History File
  • Compliant with FDA and ISO 13485, 14971, 62366:2007 and 62366-1:2015 requirements
  • Regulatory Support

Outcome: Continuous support to next iteration.

Designing the experience for your Customer

Experience design is the practice of designing with focus on creating culturally relevant solutions that deliver on user satisfaction and delight.

experience diagram

We believe a carefully considered designed user experience attracts customers /increases sales.

Our diagram summarizes the key stages of an experience. When each stage is designed appropriately, a virtuous cycle forms with your customer becoming your advocate, advancing your brand and business.

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