Strategy, User Experience UX, Customer Experience CX

Alignment Workshops, Journey maps, Ethnographic Research, Stakeholder Interviews

Industrial Design ID, Design for Manufacture DFM

Concept Generation, Layout, Iterative Feedback loops, Prototypes, Usability Testing

Digital Design UI

Instrument GUI, Portals, Dashboards, Software Applications-UI, Connected Products-IOT

Mechanical Engineering ME

Brand Design BD

Visual Brand Language, Photorealistic Renderings, Packaging, Style Guides, Animations, Marketing Assets, (for launch), Investor Presentations



• Transform technology into a viable product solution.

• Define the eco-system, customer need, user journey, product usability requirements

• Explore physical form factor and digital touchpoint opportunities

• Create inspirational product vision for Investors

• Can manage complete product development from strategy – production


Corporate, Enterprise:

• R&D Lab: Create quick 3D mock-ups, UX, ID and UI, to mitigate risk. Explore and test

• Align diverse teams towards a single goal with defined user and product requirements

• Stimulate internal ID, ME teams for New and next generation product design/development

• Post- Acquisition Design: Brand consistency to unify a portfolio of instruments ID UI

• Bandwidth: flexible supplement for existing teams, provide ID, UI. ME activities as needed