Our design process is blend of Agile Principles and Human Centered Design – Agile HCD


As a human centered design firm, we believe that the best products come from early team alignment on three key pillars: understanding business strategy, users and technology.


Often times our client’s budget and schedule constraints limit the resources available for this critical early exploration and contextual understanding.


To overcome this challenge, we customize each program plan with a balance of design thinking discovery activities and agile rapid iteration sprints that also meet budget and schedule requirements.


Our phases: Opportunity Space, Innovation Space and Implementation Space provide a roadmap choreographed for multi-disciplined teams to achieve alignment towards solving the right problem from the user’s perspective and the synergistic collaboration needed for design excellence.



In order to provide an outstanding experience for your customers, we take the time to understand their needs. We use research to provide us with data to make decisions, instead of guessing.
We aim to make interactions simple and clear. Often projects start with specifications; instead we use step back, establish context, and use customer needs to shape the project brief.
Together we map business opportunities and define new Value Propositions. We refine relevant problems and objectives  from aesthetic trends, business, technology and user perspectives.
We reframe problem statements based on feedback. Our aim is to provide inputs, alignment and synergy for the entire team, as a basis for selecting the right problems and co-creating optimal experiences.



To provide new and appropriate experiences, we generate a creative and innovative array of ideas. We share sketch-level approaches, mock-ups and images – representations that will resonate with your customers.
We strive for best-in-category, based on your specific needs. We develop models (physical and VR) /layouts and renderings to test usability, and loop around to verify and define directions that surpass your business and customer needs.
This is an iterative process that helps solves relevant problems. Brand and Technology is combined in a holistic approach, and we verify direction with User testing and Client teams (business /marketing /engineering). We then modify and refine the design into a single formalized direction – a delightfully iconic statement. A tangible vision that the entire team can champion.



Maintaining design intent is of upmost importance when we translate the design into a fully resolved mechanical and digital design. We share engineering directions and prototypes with all stakeholders during development sessions.
Problem solving the details can make-or-break product value. We implement the optimal solution, ensuring that the design intent is fully realized. This remains an iterative process that helps solve relevant engineering and materials problems, as well as branding and visual emphasis. We engineer and build through levels of physical prototypes to DFM, documentation and transition to manufacturing.
Linking with CM and individual manufacturers for continuity. We continue to offer solid engineering & development expertise that brings the product to market while enhancing reliability and assembly; reducing cost and increasing value.